Driving the bioeconomy
Comet Biorefining
Cellulosic Sugar Technology

Comet Biorefining has developed a novel process to convert non-food cellulosic biomass into high quality cost-competitive cellulosic glucose. This enabling and ground breaking technology allows biofuels and bioproducts manufacturers to have a reliable and consistent source of cellulose-based glucose that can be directly converted to value-added end products. Comet cellulosic sugar is produced as a high purity syrup.

The Comet cellulosic sugar process uses a unique, two stage process to activate cellulosic biomass, followed by conversion to glucose at very low enzyme loading. Co-products are used for energy production or other applications.

Advantages of the Comet cellulosic sugar process include:

  • Low cost process - Comet's two stage activation process replaces traditional pretreatment at significantly reduced enzyme loading
  • Low capital cost - Comet's process is modular and relies on simple, off the shelf process equipment.
  • Low cost sugar - Modular design and low cost processing allows for smaller plants to be located close the biomass source, resulting in reduced biomass transportation cost
  • Low scale up risk - Smaller, modular plants reduce scale up factors and risk